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8-Star Ambrogio Blade by Auto-Mow (10, 12, and 14-inch) - Silver

8-Star Ambrogio Blade by Auto-Mow (10, 12, and 14-inch) - Silver

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Improved blades for the Ambrogio robot flat 8-star tip cutting blade (10-inch, 12-inch, and 14-inch)

The blade is compatible with Ambrogio, Tech-Line, Stiga, and Wiper models.

  • 10-inch (25cm) compatibility: MPN 075Z07800A and 1126-9136-01

-Ambrogio: L85 (Green), LB75DX, LB75, LB1200, L25, L30, ALEX, L32, L35
-Tech-Line: L8, B4, DZ2, DZ3
-Stiga: Autoclip M5, M7, Autoclip 125, Autoclip 127, Autoclip 140, Autoclip 145, Autoclip 221, Autoclip 223, Autoclip 225, Autoclip 228, Autoclip 230
-Wiper: Eco Joy, Premium J line

  • 12-inch (29cm) compatibility: MPN CS_D0112_02 and 1126-9145-01

-Ambrogio: L250i, L250 Elite, L400, L85 RED Elite, LB75DX, LB85EL, LB200EL, L200, L200-R LB75DX 7.5Ah, LB3250, LB3210, LB3200, LB2150, LB2000, Evolution
-Stiga: Autoclip 300 Series: Autoclip 325, Autoclip, Autoclip 328, Autoclip 500 Series: Autoclip 520, Autoclip 522, Autoclip 523, Autoclip 524, Autoclip 527, Autoclip: 528, Autoclip 530SG, Autoclip 550, Autoclip 920, Autoclip AR2 1200
-Wiper: Runner Classic, Runner X, Series KS, Series K, F50S, F28

  • 14-inch (35cm) compatibility: MPN 300_D0042_04, 300-D0042-04, and 1126-9146-01

-Ambrogio: 4.36 Elite, 4.36HC, L350i, L300 Elite, LB300EL, LB3550, LB3510, LB3500
-Tech-Line: LX6
-Stiga: Autoclip 720, Autoclip 720S
-Wiper: KXL S, Series P, WIPER ONE XH, LIZARD 300

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