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Belrobotics (BIGMOW) Blade by Auto-Mow (41x18x0.5mm) - Silver

Belrobotics (BIGMOW) Blade by Auto-Mow (41x18x0.5mm) - Silver

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Improved blades for the Belrobotics robot cutting blade (15-pack and 30-pack)

The blade is compatible with Belrobotics Bigmow, Parcmow, and ECHO Robotic Lawnmower models.

Compatible with: MPN 12370 and 12383
-Belrobotics Bigmow
-Belrobotics Parcmow

Focus on high quality for a long-lasting performance from every blade.

Auto-Mow also increased the quality of the screws, to make them more resistant to abrasion. This will minimize the chance of blade breakage during longer cutting sessions.
-Best quality safety blades
-Safety screws included
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