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9 Bosch Indego Blades by Auto-Mow (41x19x1mm) - Gold

9 Bosch Indego Blades by Auto-Mow (41x19x1mm) - Gold

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Improved blades for the Bosch robot cutting blade, 9-pack

Compatible with: MPN 12370 and 12383
-HRM Miimo 40
-HRM Miimo 40 Live
-HRM Miimo 70 Live
-Indego XS 300
-Indego S500
-Indego S+ 500
-Indego M 700
-Indego M+ 700

The Auto-Mow blades come with screws made of hardened steel, to increase the amount of impact they can withhold.

The blades are made with new technology, designed to eliminate breakage if they hit a rock or a hard branch during cutting.
Safety screws included
Material: stainless steel
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