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Husqvarna Extreme Long Life Safety Blades by Auto-Mow (18x35x0.75mm) - Gold

Husqvarna Extreme Long Life Safety Blades by Auto-Mow (18x35x0.75mm) - Gold

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Improved blades for the Husqvarna cutting blade (9-pack and 30-pack)

The blade is compatible with Husqvarna Automower and Gardena robotic lawnmower models.
-Husqvarna Automower: 105, G1, G2, Solar Hybrid, 220AC, 230ACX, 260ACX, 265ACX, 305, 308, 310, 315, 320, 330ACX,420, 430X, 440, 450X, and all other Husqvarna models.
-Gardena Models: R38Li, R40Li, R45Li, R50Li, R70Li, R75Li, R80Li, R100Li, R130Li, R160Li, R165, R180, Sileno, smart Sileno, Sileno +, Smart Sileno +

Extreme Long Life Safety Blades for Husqvarna and Gardena MPN 577864603
-Pack of 9, Gold Color, 18x35x0.75mm
-Pack of 30, Gold Color,18x35x0.75mm

These high-quality blades are designed to eliminate breakage if it hits a rock or a hard branch during cutting, therefore preventing blade debris from being scattered on the lawn.

The newly evented stainless steel also offers a longer cutting time and will make sure that the consumers will not need to change the blades so often.
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